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Few tips about a great exhibition booth

Panahon: 2018-Sep-06

Many things vary with time flies, while classics will not.

Outstanding designs, perfect connections...All of these will make your exhibition booth excellent.

Aluminum frames, even small accessories, they know well about teamwork.

At the same time, they are free and could present in different ways, just depends on your creative imagination.

Eco-friendly and reusable are the major advantages among the great many ones.

What’s more, easy installation will save lots of time for you.

Once meet, you will find simpleness is another kind of beauty.

What’s next? Let’s talk something about the different components of a booth.

Octanorm, Maxima, both of them are popular around the world. Do you know well about them?

What’s the differences between them? ---It must be the first question which comes to your mind.

In fact, the biggest difference is that they have different components.

Octanorm system--Consist of 8 way upright extrusion, 40mm/50mm/70mm beam extrusion, PVC/MDF panel, adjustable foot, tension lock ug top cap.

Maxima system--Consist of 40mm/60mm/80mm square extrusion, PVC/MDF panel, adjustable foot, tension lock and top cap.

Does above information give you an impression on a aluminum exhibition booth?

If these are not detailed enough, just call us or email us for more information.

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