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What’s so special about SEG lightboxes?

Time: 2018-Jul-27

Have you noticed? SEG lightboxes are everywhere! Let’s take a look at the reasons:

1)Illuminated Apperance— Only backlit lightboxes with a backlit fabric graphic can give you a zero-glare graphic surface and still deliver a bright, saturated color image.

2) Light Weight — for fabric backlit sign, because the fabric graphic is held flat via stretch tension from edge to edge, so no lenses are needed. This can result in weight savings near 50% in some cases.

3)Easily Transport —Your shipping weight with fabric lightboxes is always going to be significantly less than that of a conventional lightbox sign, due to the absence of plastic lenses as previously noted. they can be shipped disassembled with the backlit fabric folded or rolled in the carton.

4) Affordable Price — for everybody’s favorite reason to opt for fabric backlit signs: the savings that can be realized. they can be repeatedly used just by changing the graphics.

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