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Time: 2018-Nov-25

Aluminum truss is becoming more and more popular because of its versatility, light weight, cost-effective. There are different kinds of truss for your trade show exhibit booth. It is a problem for a company to choose an ideal truss for their trade show booth.

There are two shapes of truss: triangle and box. Box truss is easier to assemble and used widely because of its shape. Triangle truss is complex when connecting it piece by piece, especially in a curved shape. But you only need to connect the coupler, spigot and fix the safety spring.

We prefer aluminum truss over steel truss because it is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, lightweight and easy to transport. It is environmental friendly, detachable and reusable. It can be repeatedly used for many times. It saves a great deal of your operation cost.

The most important consideration after deciding the truss shape that you want, the size of the truss is another confusion. The truss Size depends on the dimensions of the booth. For instance, 290mm box truss can be about 10m long hanging about 200kgs loading. For 15m long truss ,you’d better choose the 400x400mm box truss. So that you can put more lighting and led screen on it.

After you have chosen the shape and size of truss, you have to decide the truss connection, it is also important. Usually the spigot connection is better for your booth. It is easier by using a hammer and save a lot of time and labor. Usually, a 3x6 truss display trade show booth can easily be built by two people within 45 minutes.

Truss shape, truss size, truss material and truss connection system are the four most important points for your trade show truss booth. We have found (by far) the easiest and most flexible choice is the aluminum truss trade booth. You can have much bigger space to display your brand and product. If you have better ideas, welcome to discuss with us.

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