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Wenige tips dy't jo witte moatte oer foldieare portable etappe

Time: 2018-Oct-07

Folding portable stage is one of the most popular stages. It is light weight but high weight load capacity of 1000kgs per square meter. So it can be used as a car show stage. It is also can be seen on a performance, concert, fashion show and many other different events.

portable folding stage

It takes only seconds to open or close one set of folding aluminum legs. Both time and labor cost can be saved a lot. Only one person can assemble and disassemble the folding mobile stage.

pop up stage installation

Pop up stage can be packed in the flight case or carton. Only one flight case or several cartons are needed for a whole set of stage. It fits many size cars and it is easy for transportation and store.

pop up stage package

Multiple sizes and panel surfaces are available for the foldable stage. If you can’t find one suitable stage on our website, please contact us by email or call us for a quick quotation.

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