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Ljocht en maklik te meitsjen fan lifttuorren

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-Its legs can be opened in 3 positions depending on the needs of elevation and working area.
-It has a special adjustment system that allows a smooth rise of the different sections avoiding the oscillation between the bars.
-Long life stainless safety pins.
-It allows to connect any accessory with tube diameter 35mm without the need of adaptors.
-Made of steel.
-Available colour: Black

Maximum height: 13.46' (4.1 m)
Height folded: 7.17' (1.88 m)
Maximum load: 242.70lbs (110kg)

Minimum Height 6.17' (1.88 m)
Maximum Height 13.5' (4.1 m)
Footprint Diameter 5.90' (1.8m)
Gewicht 52.95 lbs (24 kg)
Maximum Load 176.5 lbs (80 kg)


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