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3 Tips on How to Choose the Best Place for Your Trade Show

Wektu: 2018-Jul-17

At the most popular trade shows, booths are usually booked according to seniority. Exhibitors will have prior chance to select and often book next year’s space during the exhibition who attend the show year by year. If it is your first time exhibiting at the show, try to book your booth as early as possible. You’ll have more options to select.

1.The best spaces for your trade show booths are the ones that get the most foot traffic. These are usually close to the hall entrance and corner spaces, which provide the most traffic. Because they are the most desirable, these spaces may come at a premium cost.

2.Try to avoid selecting spaces with obstructions, such as columns or polls. It may be difficult to build your trade show booth around these obstacles. Cl Exhibit will offer you the best booth solution depend on your space. Also, while they may seem like high-traffic areas, being near the food court or restrooms might not give you the exposure you expect. Those attendees have a personal agenda to eat or make a personal pit stop.

3.If you don’t get your preferred space, don’t worry. You can still drive traffic to your booth with effective pre-show promotions, such as email and direct mail postcards, and at-show advertising.

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