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Modular Aluminium Stage 4x8 for Outdoor Event

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Aluminum alloy 6061-T6.

750kgs/m2 loading capacity

0.6-1.1m, 0.7-1.2m, 0.8-1.5m, 1-1.5m, 1.8-2.3m.

1.22x1.22m, 1.22x2.44m, 1x1m, 1x2m.

Panel available:

Acrylic, anti-slip plywood and plywood with carpet.


item Stage Assembled
Stage Material Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and stage panel
Dhuwur sing Adjustable 0.6-1.1m, 0.7-1.2m, 0.8-1.5m, 1-1.5m, 1.8-2.3m
Size 1.22x1.22m,1.22x2.44m, 1x1m, 1x2m
Kapasitas Beban 750kgs/m2
Stage Panel Antislip plywood, acrylic, tempered glass and plywood with carpet.
Stair 0.4-0.6m(3 steps), 0.6-1.1m(4 steps), 0.8-1.3m(5 steps)

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