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3 advantages of portable exhibit display

Time: 2018-Sep-03

Followed by the development of latest printing technology dye sublimation printing, fabric exhibit displays wins great popularity.

Digital dye sublimation printing technology combines with the advantage of seamless frames and portability of the stand, thus is makes fabric display stand have a great advantage over traditional displays,

There are three types of fabric display stands, the first being the most popular choice, which are stretched over a metal tubular frame.

Ten tweede is het pop up displays, which has a frame attached to the fabric. The graphics are continuously attached and can be expanded or pulled back by the flexibility of the frames and fabric. Once the display is opened, the graphic will be a seamless wall.

Finally is the tension light box fabric display. This display can be stretched over a metal frame and can be easily backlit or side lit using an LED lighting inside the stand. The tension fabric is sewn with silicone edges each side, and the frames is with grooves to insert the silicone edging graphic. The fabric is easy to be pushed into the grooves. This way the customers could reuse the frames, and just change the graphics easily.

Fabric display using dye sublimation printing has a high quality resolution, vivid printing. Because the ink is evaporated into the fabric rather than over it, it will not easy to fade. Dye sublimation printing us chemical bonded to the material which is stronger than mechanical bonded such as UV printing and Inkjet.

The aluminum frame size is flexible, which can be made in almost any size. Conventional PVC panel needs many parts to build up a larger panel, which is easy to find the seams between panels. For the fabric display, it's easy to achieve the seamless surface. The silicone edges of fabrics are inserted into the grooved, thus the fabric stretch to be tight.

The fabric displays are very portable because the frames could be broken down into small pieces, then connected by connectors and the graphic could be folded. The whole display could be kept in a small package. This makes it very lightweight and easy to transport. You don't have to worry about the fabric graphics will crease, because when they are applied to the frame, their elasticity stretches them and keeps the graphics tight.

Summary Fabric display's high-quality printing and seamless appearance make the fabric display not only easier to set up in exhibitions and events, but also makes the display popular among customers. That's easier to be assembled or transported than traditional stands.

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