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How to build a truss stage?

Time: 2018-Aug-03

Preparation Tips:
1.Connecting the short truss into beam truss, column truss.
Make sure that the side with vice tubes is perpendicular to the floor.
2. The building space must be bigger than the truss length and width, no barrier above in the sky.
3. Place a carpet on the ground to avoid the truss scratch.

Building Procedure:
1.Place the four truss bases in the approximate position on the ground, and adjust the lower legs to make them in the same level.
2.Insert 4 extended legs for each base and total 16 pieces.
3.Fix the hinge section on the base. Make sure that the hinge section is opened towards the beam truss.

4. Place the sleeve block on the hinge section;
5. Connect the two ends of the beam to the two square sleeve blocks on both sides
6. Connect one end of the column to the hinge section, the other end to the top section, and hook the hanging hoist and top section. The function of the hoist is to raise the beam truss.
7. Tie a strong rope pass through the top section to the bottom of the column.
8. Several workers will slowly erect the column truss together. Do not to push the column up too much. Several workers pull the rope on the other side. Finally, tightened the screw on the hinge section.
9. Connect the roof truss and ladder truss with the beams.

10. Twine the belt round the beam truss tightly and hook the hoist.
11. 4 people slowly pull the hoist to lift up the beam to the height of person's head; Make sure that the 4 horizontal beams are at same level when pulling the hoist.
12. Install lighting and sound equipment on the beam;
13. Fix the tarpaulin edge to the beams by ropes.

13. 4 people pull the hoist together and stop at the predetermined height;

14. Tighten the diagonal support with the column and tighten the extended legs with the base.

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