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How To Choose A Suitable Stage Truss

Time: 2018-Sep-12

If you haven’t bought aluminum stage truss before, maybe you don’t know what a spigot or bolted truss is. Actually, they are just different ways of connecting the aluminum truss.

The truss shape can be square, triangle, circle or ladder. The size can be 100mm, 200mm, 290mm, 390mm, 450mm, 520mm, 760mm, 1000mm for different events. They can make up various aluminum trussing structures.

Strict production procedure, professional engineer and loading test ensures our steady and reliable quality.

Before you place an order, we suggest that you can learn some main structures of the stage truss system

1. Box truss--A simple and popular design which can meet our basic needs. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It is ok for an indoor event or exhibition. But if your event will be held outdoor, you need to add some beams on the roof and a tarpaulin to make the stage sun-proof rainproof.

2. Flat Roof Truss with Wings—Usually the wings are for hanging the line array system.

3. Gable Roof Stage Truss--A popular and hot sale structure for outdoor concert, wedding, new product release, fashion show, etc. It can be made with or without wings.

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